How do you spin a girl while dancing? – Beginners Pole Dancers Youtube

As a man, your body moves as you’d expect, but as you spin, your spine twists, your body twists, and then it’s a twisty ride…

In the dance, we do a spin, right? That’s what spins are for. It’s like a twisting car, but without the wind. I’ve had a girl spin a hundred times and I wouldn’t have any luck. But it happens! There are women who spin a few times a week, but only two people in the world are qualified to be top spinning girls – one of them’s from the Bahamas and the other’s in France. So if you ever meet the girl – you’ll know where it’s from.

What’s been making you say: “I love you, man”?

I love her, but she might not love me back. We’ve spent a year together, two years together. We’ve been going for a year, but she told me she’s not going through with it – and I said “Oh no, that’s not important.” She has her own personal reasons why she’s not doing it – what could she say? So I really am at peace with that. If ever I get my chance to do it all the time, I’ll be there for her though. She would never make me think twice. So I’m enjoying this.

A new video of you spinning shows a bunch of guys in tight suits, just waiting for you to start spinning. I’ve always wondered about that, how do these guys decide that you’re ready to be a dance star?

I don’t think they know. I just know that the first time I did it, it was hard. I have to get my confidence back again to even try this.

Can you do the spin dance again in four years and be as sexy, or do you have to stop doing it as a joke?

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I just want to give her a few weeks of being comfortable with me spinning on her… But the one thing, if I want to have a dance career, it has to be something I like doing. I want to have an effect on people and make them feel funny, because that’s all that counts.

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