How difficult is pole dancing?

As an athlete, I never thought of myself as a professional pole dancer, but the number of times I’ve been in situations that would put my body through extreme pain and hardship to perform in the show that I love so much is amazing. I never felt it was a choreographed action. I thought I was being taught a dance from the start. And of course, like all dancers, I had to pay attention to my technique, so I would learn exactly how to balance my weight and hold my balance with each step of the dance. My body is my teacher. I just love getting there.

What are some of your favorite locations? The most exciting places for me to dance are the water, the grass, a grassy field, etc. The grassy field that I’ve traveled all across Europe is pretty much one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. When the sun sets, I feel like I get this beautiful view of the water and the sky and it’s like a perfect sunset.

What are your goals for 2017? As of right now, I’m working our hardest to get one pole dancing competition. The one that I’m trying to push me the most to get out in the world. At my level, it’s hard to push the envelope and get there before I’m really ready. I’ve had two surgeries in the past year, one to fix my shoulder and another to address tendon problems that I had during pre-production, so I’m trying to continue to strengthen that muscle group through exercises to regain full movement in both legs. I will also be trying to get back to performing at least once a week when I can, as well as working on balancing my pole, which I really enjoyed doing during the filming for Kinky Boots. In general, I still love dancing, but my goals for 2018 are to keep training and continue to push myself to do a better job.

Favorite Pole Moment or Movement? The first time I jumped to the top of the pole for Kinky Boots was amazing! It was a real learning experience for me. For me, when I get to the point of taking the plunge and jump for the first time (to prove to myself that it’s okay to jump the highest pole in the place) I love the feeling of that moment. I also had a super cool experience in China, China where we shot the videos for Kinky Boots. It was so exciting. And I also have a ton of memories from last year’s European Pole Competition where I showed a