How difficult is pole dancing? – Pole Dance Classes

The basic requirements for pole dancing are:

A pole or two to use

A small, clean, non-toxic floor

A low, controlled, comfortable pole

A full, clean and safe dance floor

And so now you know how to get started, the next question is, how difficult is it?

Pole dancing can become very difficult, because it requires good technique, high coordination, and the ability to control and maintain the rhythm of your movements.

Before pole dancing began to gain popularity in the 1980s and early 1990s, pole dancing was considered not “real life” dancing. If you danced in a bar, you probably didn’t want to be on stage at the same time with a girl, a boy or a person wearing nothing but a leotard, with no clothing on and no shoes on… unless you were willing to give up your life to do this. I have been married for 20 years to a good friend who wears nothing but a leotard.

Most people in today’s society were not as fortunate as these traditional pole dancers. They were either forced to wear revealing clothing, or they were too embarrassed to admit it was even possible to be so sexually attractive. In fact, I myself have often been asked how I did it, since I am “normal”. (It is not easy to be normal with women.) Most of these people were taught this by some older male friend or relative who told them to use something called a “pole”.

These pole dancers were taught to hold a pole vertically up or to use a wooden platform. This was an inefficient way to hold the pole up. It wasn’t a suitable platform to lean on, nor was it really a place to lean on. And these people simply did a number of different moves, which had to be done for a total of 25 different moves. They did not have much practice. They did these exercises when one of the three things was on in the room:

They were going to have sex

They were having sex with a woman, boy or person with no clothes on

They were going to have sex with another man, man or woman

These were some of the important factors that a pole dancer had to work, just to get started, at all. For most people the most difficult thing about pole dancing was to learn where to hold the pole, and how to keep it standing stable, straight and upright.

When people tried to do

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