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The best way to get into pole dancing is to practice all three of the skills in “Pole Dancing Lessons” below. This is your foundation for pole dancing. The lessons below give you lots of good practice with multiple types of pole, and you get to see how real pole dancers are able to learn these techniques at the highest levels. For your dance moves, you get several demonstrations of each move on a video-viewer. You will learn basic moves that you can use in many different dance situations and with many dancers. You get to practice with a teacher who will be able to help you understand and practice each move. By the time the book is complete your abilities will be so advanced that they will be easy to learn and have no need for extra coaching.

I teach my ballet classes and am always looking for ideas for new moves for pole. What will I learn from all the pole classes to help me be better in ballet?

The Pole Dancing Classes in this book are for you, your class, and a dance scene. Some classes include two or more dancers and they all practice, learn their dances together, and become an inspiration for the rest of the dancers. They will each have their own choreography developed for them and the class will be a great opportunity to show yourself how to properly dance in any situation. We look forward to your requests for new classes, comments, and comments.

Will Pole Dancing help me prepare for the Olympics?

While it is still not guaranteed that you will be successful in the Olympics, pole dancing in particular will save you a great deal of energy and will prepare you to compete for Olympic sports. It is a sure way to make the most of your talent and the experience of the world’s greatest athletes. We invite you to visit our pole dance instruction website at to view an informative summary of tips for taking pole dancing to the next level. Once you have taken pole dancing lessons you will have the skills to be competitive at the highest level. Learn to be better and prepare to compete at the Olympic level.

I want to learn to be great as a dancer without a pole. What can I do?

We suggest that you read and study all the tips in this book. It is important to study a great deal and to be very cautious of your first pole experience. The great thing about learning the skills to improve is that you can try them out, and the more you try them the more you will

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