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No, if you’re hot and sweaty then it’s fine to wear a leggings. So why do I feel like we are being a little sexist when we point out that pole dancing is not something women do?

Jacko's Backup Dancer -- Master of the Pole
Well, to be fair, a lot of reasons have been mentioned. One is about the gender imbalance in pole dancing. You see, pole dancing in the U.S. is more popular for women, which explains some of the attitudes of male pole dancers. Some say you’ve got to be a certain type of woman to do it. In addition, some argue that females don’t necessarily look good on a pole, and, in this way, they feel like they should not be on that stage.

But there is no doubt that women are allowed to perform in this form of dance. Even if you look like the stereotypical “average” lady then pole dancing is not limited to a certain kind of woman. So why do we feel that way?

I think it comes down to that fact that, if you are a white girl in the United States of America you are automatically assumed to be an American woman, because if you aren’t American that makes you a woman. It is something one learns around one’s fifth birthday. It’s something that is part of our culture that we think is normal.

There is something else that we learn about women at that age and that’s we want to be thin. So, if you do not fit those gender stereotypes then you’re an outcast at least in a male-oriented, patriarchal society. Therefore, if you’re an average woman, you are deemed to be one of America’s “best dancers.” So, if you’re an average girl you are not allowed to do the stuff the boys go up on to.

And for many reasons, that leaves the American women at a disadvantage. If you’re skinny and not an American woman, then you can’t do this stuff. And if you’re a skinny girl American woman, then you probably can’t do this stuff. So, it does give those that feel they are in a male sphere the ability to make the assumption that a female is only able to do the things they do. And that’s kind of misogynistic and wrong.

I think it’s the fact that, if you are a black woman in the United States of America then you don’t actually feel you’re a black woman, even if you look like one—and you are—but instead, it gives others

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