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Is pole dancing a sport? Do you need help to move? I have a pole dancing workshop today for beginners and intermediate pole dancers. Come along if you want a hand!

Register for this event here! (If you plan to stay later, there is a limited number of tickets available.)

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In November 2015, then-White House national security adviser Susan Rice admitted “unmasking” Trump associates whose names were inadvertently exposed in surveillance. But she denied the president had requested surveillance on the associates in a national security meeting — he did, she said, just to get a sense of what was happening in real-time during the transition period. (The New York Times reported that Rice had “inadvertently” disclosed the identities of U.S. citizens whose communications were picked up incidentally under a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court order.)

As Obama left office, Trump had just taken office and no one thought much about the issue. The Times reported that “none of the senior national security officials who participated in or followed [Trump’s] transition in any way expressed concern that information about Americans was improperly collected or inappropriately shared” with the U.S. Intelligence Community during the Obama years. Trump, however, had used the campaign slogan: “I alone can fix it.” What would Trump do now in the wake of the Rice revelations? What would he do to ensure that surveillance is properly conducted in order that nothing improper is revealed to the public?

The answers to these questions are critical for the security of the nation, but they are not clear with much certainty. But in particular, it is important for Trump to have these answers even before he takes office in January.

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan is not just a campaign slogan, but an enduring and aspirational political strategy. But Trump is not a politician. His supporters are not politicians and the campaign slogan has less to do with what he actually intends to do in the White House and more to do with what he

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