Do you have to be strong to pole dance? – Why Is Pole Dancing Bad

It’s much harder than people think. I’ve been doing pole dancing for years now, and I’ve yet to experience any serious pole injury.

The more I go on and I read the reviews, the more I realize this is an amazing sport that has so many benefits. Like learning dance, my skills have developed even more than they have on the floor.

In my opinion, pole dancing is a healthier alternative to the gym.

Plus, it’s not as much of a pain as most people assume.

How much do you weigh now?

Now that I’m a stronger pole dancer, I only weigh around 125 pounds.

That’s still close enough to see the pole but I’ve lost some muscle mass.

How many poles have you done over the years?

I always knew I would get pole dancing but it was never until I was a little more into fitness that I became interested in pole dancing. It’s been fun because my pole dance moves really look and feel good.

What’s your dream pole dance?

I want to do a pole dance that celebrates diversity. I want it to be fun, and something I’d look forward to doing all day. I’ll never forget what it was like getting into a pole dancing class and hearing everyone talk about their favorite tricks! That was special.

What is your pole style?

I dance around the pole with a little bit of bounce to keep up a nice rhythm. Most of the times, I’ll be standing up with my arm over the pole while trying to figure out another move.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m not a big fan of labels. Most people think I’m a dancer, which is cool to me! I enjoy taking photos of people dancing and having fun. That’s all I’m after!

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