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Yes. Where can I see and/or try out for pole dances next? The pole classes you want for the season will be on the schedule for the whole season! Just follow your local club’s instructions when they send the booking email.

Do I have to pay to attend pole dancing classes? Not at each class. If you just want to make friends and get your feet wet, no. You can attend any pole class without paying. It’s up to you to be honest with yourself (and your friends, if you like!) about how often you are going to pole class and how much you are willing to pay. If you aren’t sure, let friends know and ask them to share the cost, and get them to sign a contract.

Beginner Pole Dancing Classes in CT - Learn to Pole Dance
Are there pole dancing classes that will run long? Absolutely not! Please check with your closest local club to confirm their schedules, but most clubs hold their classes every Tuesday evening between 8:30PM – 10:00PM.

I’d like to try pole dancing, but I’m not confident in my pole dancing abilities: Do you have an affordable beginner class or pole class for beginners, or an intermediate class with advanced moves? Most clubs have “A Beginners” class with a dance that you will practice the entire night. If you want to go to the “Advanced” class, ask. The club might have a different class just for those of you who are more advanced than beginners are, or they may have an Intermediate class.

What if I’m interested in taking classes at a club, but not quite skilled enough to try one of their classes? Club schedules are always different in August! Contact your local dance club to get a specific schedule and what is in store for September!

Is there a set pattern of pole dance classes, or do they vary by club and location? It might be hard to tell by just looking at a calendar, but many club hosts offer a number of classes. Check the calendar each week to get an idea of what is in store. If your club has several of these classes, there’s no need to pay the full membership fee.

What if I just want to dance, but I’d rather spend my time at home? If you want to try to put on a pole dance, try to find a private lesson you can take and have someone you can go to dance with.

For how long can I be a part of a dance club? At my dance club, you can join

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