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FreePrints is just for people who don’t want to spend money when they can download a .ZIP-sized file at virtually no cost. The company also sells PDF downloads from the likes of PayPal or Hotfile.com.

The FreePrints team is looking to develop “further capabilities” for the product. As of early March, the company was only able to produce the files at around 300-500 KB, which are a few KB shy of 1MB. This means that, theoretically, some people with small SSDs could purchase a FreePrints file for free (or at least charge a subscription fee) from a service like Dropbox.

But, if you’re a heavy user of Dropbox you might think this means there would be little point in using FreePrints. We’re talking something akin to downloading 4GB of files onto your computer (and paying $20 for some of them). FreePrints would have to cater more directly toward Dropbox users. So it’s unclear how that would work out. However, this is nothing new for the company.

Back in 2013, they had to deal with the same question. They were launching a PDF download software for Dropbox, but then decided to offer them a service too, FreeFax. So FreePrints was unable to provide their users PDFs on Dropbox. They decided to change their company name to FreePrints and release a Dropbox-based version of FreePrints called Fprint.

If this sounds like Dropbox, you’ve probably seen that company before. For some, there’s a strong sense that Dropbox is the ultimate solution when it comes to a file download service… but for others – well, they could just download the files.

The other problem is that, for some people, Dropbox might just be too much hassle. I’m sure there are times when I have to send off my laptop to a friend just to get the files from FPrint. And those times are when I want the service to be free.

Whatever the case, one thing is for certain: this isn’t a one-off.

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Don’t like getting ripped off?

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1. Download the files on your Mac.

Using an external drive is a common practice on Macs. Using your computer’s default drive

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