What is the best college for photography? – How To Earn Money By Posting Videos Online

“The University of Illinois is the best place to study photography, but of course for all the amazing photos it can produce, I also recommend visiting a few of the smaller, more obscure institutions with great photography and film programs.”

What makes a great camera?

“A great camera is one that allows you to capture quality photos in a wide field and that can provide more detail than what others have captured. I like the Nikon D3s for photography. It’s compact and lightweight, it’s fast, and it’s an amazing camera!”

Where do you look for inspiration?

“The inspiration that gets me through tough times in the city, when it seems like every day goes by faster and faster, is the people and places in New York that show up in my photos. These people keep me going.”

Which photos are your favorite to date?

“My favorite photos to date are from the 2012 World Tour Photography contest and the New York City skyline at dusk on the subway this past summer. I had a blast taking some of my favorites to the streets of New York and taking photos that I’m sure you all will enjoy as much as I do.”

What are some things you’ve learned about yourself since becoming a photographer?

“I have gained an appreciation of the importance of self-belief, a respect for those who cannot take themselves too seriously, a real love for the people I take photos of, and a deep desire to create compelling images.”

What is the future of the digital cameras in photography you love?

“I still don’t believe in digital cameras for everyone. I think a new trend of “full frame” digital cameras has to happen first! I also want to make full frame cameras and lenses better and more affordable, and I also want to make sure this trend continues for the next generation of photographers.”

What is your favorite lens and camera combination?

“My favorite lens is Nikon’s FA100 and I would definitely recommend getting an APS-C size sensor in a size that is less bulky (which is the one the new Canon 5D Mark III is made out of).”

What are some of the most memorable photographs of yourself you’ve taken?

“My favorite photos are probably the ones that I am able to use the full light without any additional lighting devices (usually these photos are in the bright daylight of New York City outside from a window) and that I am able to capture the subject

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