Is Facebook going to use my photos? – How To Make Money Selling Photos Of Yourself

No. Facebook is not asking you to “like” or make a comment on any of your photos. Facebook does, however, ask that if you want to have your photos displayed on other pages that you enable the “like” functionality of your account with them. You are advised to do this on the Facebook account that you use for the “Like” link.

Will Facebook remove my photos from my page?

When Facebook removes photos from your profile, they will remove them “from view” at the time the removal takes place

Is there a way to remove photos I’ve posted elsewhere?

There is absolutely no way to remove photos you’ve posted anywhere else, even on Facebook. They are only removed from view on Facebook when you have made the request.

Will Facebook remove my photo?

Yes. We will take down any profile that violates our community standards.

How long will Facebook take to remove photos?

We use a variety of methods to help ensure that your photo stays in Facebook’s service. We work closely with our users. We are constantly looking for new ways of improving content on Facebook by keeping the site safe and secure. We will remove your photo within 24 hours of receipt to ensure that Facebook’s standards are met.

What happens if I don’t have approval to request the removal of content on Facebook?

Your request will be checked by a Facebook community member who will review your post in light of our communities standards and provide them as a recommendation. As a member of our community, you can then report any violations by another user to us. This is an extremely important part of the community. If another user is reported to us and a photo with the same caption is posted in our community, then you will be notified. We will remove your photo if it violates our community standards so that your photo is not shown in the future.

How can I contact Facebook to remove my photo from Facebook?

You can contact Facebook at or on our Facebook Community page.

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