How much does a layout artist make? – Upload Image On Google And Earn Money

Full payment to design, layout, and production, unless otherwise stated! See our pay section above for details.

What does a color grading fee cost? A color grading fee is a percentage of the invoice in which the price of the final product is calculated. The cost of a color grading job is calculated for each color, not for each design element.

How do I know if I’ve been hired?

We email you a confirmation email once the work is complete.

What happens to my work?

Upon completion of the job, each design element/workpiece goes to your account and all fees associated with each design element are removed from your account. This eliminates the possibility for you to take them back without any money owing to or transferred to your bank.

How am I paid?

We offer pay in advance only. This allows us to send out orders at the end of the payment day, rather than having to wait for payment before we send you the first items in your order. If you prefer to pay cash on delivery, we allow for that on certain days of the year. A typical payment schedule is below, based on the type of order you make:

• $25 – one design element shipped to all backers

• $30 – two designs shipped to all backers

• $35 – three designs shipped to all backers

• $40 – four designs shipped to all backers

Why do I have to pay extra if I buy more than one of the same design elements? If you purchase more than one design element (including multiple versions), the design fee is $4 per each additional design design element. You only pay for the items you bought first.

How do payment and account process work?

Once you confirm your order, you’ll receive an email via the “BoomBoom” address (the email address listed in the confirmation link), to confirm your order amount, and your pledge amount. Once you have agreed the payment amount, you will be directed to your account where your payment is verified. Your payment is then deposited into your Google Wallet account within an hour (or it may take longer). You can also pay with your credit card.

Your Google Wallet address is public and can be seen on Google Maps. If you don’t want your payments to appear on Google Maps, sign out of your Google Wallet account at any time and sign in with your Google account. Your transaction history remains private, but it can be

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