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The easiest way to get Getty Images is to download their digital license (which you can find at Then, download the images in .jpg, .png, .xpi formats to your computer. Then you can download the Getty Images app.

Is the Getty Images app free?

Yes, the application does not require registration. After you download the app, you can use the app to search, browse, search by location, preview images, edit images, and share images. You can download the app once to access these features for free for 30 days. You can purchase the app for $4.99. To see more details, click here

What is a license?
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A license is one of several ways that photographers can gain access to our images. The license allows me to use your images, either commercial or for personal use. This type of license is required for both commercial and private use. Commercial licensees can buy a specific license or add more licenses to the Getty images service account or license card. If you own multiple collections of your own work, you may choose to license all your images for a lower price as a single “commercial license.” If you own different collections of images, you may have different types of licenses, such as the “personal use” license. If you don’t know what you already own, be sure to look up the type of license you are signing up for. For more details, visit or contact us.

In addition to licensing images, I want to sell prints and prints of my images in different sizes and formats. Do I need a license?

As long as you can take a photo, whether it’s personal or commercial or both, you can use any of our images commercially. There are no restrictions regarding the size or format of prints of your images.

I want to create an app to allow me to see my image in any camera I choose. Do I need a license to use it?

If you want to create an app for your iPhone or iPad, you need a license (or a different license for your existing collection of images). If you create an iPad app, a separate app license is necessary, as it must be separate from your iPhone app. In addition, you must maintain separate accounts for each app, with separate licenses. In addition, you must not share your photos with anybody else, including the app itself.

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