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Yes, I’ll keep them with the price of your print. And you will always get a print at the same price when you sell these and I’m using the discount.

Do I get a discount for selling more than one print? Yes I do! You will only be able to get one free print per one print bought and I’ll keep both prints with the price of your print!

How long will I have to have my order shipped? Once the order has been submitted to me I’ll make sure that you receive it within 2 weeks of completion of your order. Please allow for additional time for delivery for domestic deliveries.

Can my order ship to multiple addresses? Yes! You may ship your item to the same address as your payment or to any address for me to post your item. The items will be shipped from USA. I try to get items shipped from all over the world but I will only ship international if a customer has contacted me directly with a specific shipping preference for shipping.

Can I make changes after I receive my shipment? Unfortunately no. This product is custom-made so the options are limited and not all of my items are available for you to change. The best way to get a custom look is through purchasing the whole piece.

Welcome to the S.C. General Assembly’s official home site on the 2017 election results.

You may start your browsing at the following URL:

For a printable map of the state, click on the links below:

For more details, click here!

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued an order allowing Walmart to retaliate against workers for organizing a union, and the company says it will comply because the labor board “adverses only employers.”

In an order issued earlier this week, the NLRB overturned a decision by a federal court in Chicago that blocked Walmart from retaliating against unionize challengers. “Such retaliation is a major breach of a worker’s rights,” NLRB acting general counsel Amy Sacks said in a press release issued by the union.

“Walmart’s announcement that it will violate the law to intimidate workers seeking workplace organizing underscores an ongoing anti-union campaign to limit unionization opportunities,” said ILWU President David Rolf, one of the workers challenging the company’s illegal retaliation.

Employers can still be legally

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