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(written from a Production point of view Real World article

Incomplete, but it still exists in a separate timeline.

After a major reorganization, Starfleet attempts to return the Federation to the galaxy’s most stable and peaceful age, with peace treaties in place to prevent further incursions, but all the major players are still fighting each other. The Federation has no navy, no air fleets, and no ground troops. In order to avoid a new war with a neighboring power, Captain Jean-Luc Picard creates an alliance of Starfleet (and the Alpha Quadrant) for the first time since the early days of the Federation, and he uses his new allies to solve the major issues: the destruction of the Dominion fleet, the creation of a new Federation-backed interstellar civilization, etc.

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Summary Edit

Teaser Edit

On Deep Space 9, Dax, Worf and Major Kira are examining a dead body that they suspect is Sisko, a possible suspect in the disappearance of the crew. Dax, who believes he was murdered by Gul Malak, orders Worf and Kira to go to his quarters for questioning. On Kataan, Odo is attempting to contact the Klingon High Council in an attempt to secure information about the Dominion War’s end. A Dominion fleet has been launched, with Dukat planning on destroying the Cardassian Union. Kira and Worf head to the Defiant, with which he believes the Cardassians destroyed the fleet, while he heads to the Gamma Quadrant.

Act One Edit

At Deep Space 9, the USS Callahan has just arrived and is waiting in Klingon space for a Klingon vessel to

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