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This map is provided courtesy of the ESM and ESO TSW Map Project, and is subject to the terms of the ESO TSW TUTORIAL, and the TES Archive User Agreement.

This is an interactive map showing the location of locations and dungeons in The Elder Scrolls Online.

This map shows the approximate locations of dungeons in ESO, as well as places of interest; if you are in an area and don’t want to take the time to look at this map, the easiest way to find where you can go quickly is to follow the steps in the following tips.

Map [ edit ]

The map is broken up into three sections. In each section, two bars indicate the location of the dungeons that are currently active. On the X-axis, the player’s coordinates and on the Y-axis, the location of the dungeon’s objective. When clicking on an intersection to show a map, the player’s location is marked on the map’s Y-axis. The top-left corner of the screen shows the coordinates and the center of the map is the actual dungeon’s objective. By pressing or clicking on the X axis, you can also view the map with the dungeon in the center of it.

Click the locations and objectives above to toggle between map view and toggled map modes. Once you’ve viewed the first section, you won’t be able to move to the next section until you click on each section again to continue.

A few things to note about the map:

The UESPWiki Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995

The House Telvanni on the shore of Lake Ebonheart

The Hat, A Diner in Chicago, Illinois (2017-03-24 14-08 ...
The Telvanni are the house of the House Telvanni, a cult-like organization dedicated to controlling Tel Aruhn. The house’s leader, Moraelyn, leads a cult of followers that worships Tiber Septim. Its base is in the city of Ebonheart. A group called the Daedra Warlocks is also active in the city, and members of the cult are often seen on the streets. In the past the Telvanni also worshiped the Dwemer.[1] The house is said to be the last major stronghold of the Telvanni in Tamriel, after the defeat of the Aldmeri Dominion. It

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