Are Facebook photos public property? – Shutterstock Contributor Earnings

Facebook takes photos of you whenever you use the app without your permission. The photos are public but you can choose to delete them. You won’t want to share your photo of the sunset with your neighbor’s kids. But if you like the sunrise photo, you can share it on Facebook.

What happens if I share something that I didn’t create?

This is something that’s on Facebook’s Terms of Service and I’m not going to touch. You can also change some settings in Facebook to delete the photo, but it’s not an easy process. You have the option to choose a specific time frame for deletion, or you can choose the amount of time to keep the photo online.

What are the rules for photo sharing?

On the surface, the rules on public photos seem pretty strict. It only seems like there are exceptions to the rule, but sometimes a little creativity seems worth giving.

The New England Patriots had one of the NFL’s best defensive offenses during Super Bowl 50, but injuries to key players like defensive end Chandler Jones and wide receiver Brandin Cooks led to a subpar defense and the Patriots did poorly against the Houston Texans. The Patriots were able to stay in the game because head coach Bill Belichick had a great tactical plan to keep it close.

“We knew that I felt like we had some more pieces,” safety Devin McCourty said. “When the Texans put together all the pressure in the second half, that’s when we needed to go out and kind of control the clock. We kind of controlled the ball for about 20 minutes during that, and they got some stops.

“We did a good job of locking down the middle of the field. Our line kind of stood as a wall, you know, from there, so we just kind of kept controlling the clock. We made those big plays, and the defense did a great job of coming out the first three quarters and finishing, and our offense just couldn’t put the ball in the end zone.”

The Patriots had only played three games against the Texans prior to this one, but as they got back in the win column after a 1-7 start, they began to get more comfortable with the game plan and were able to stay in the game against a team that had beaten them in 2016 and beat them twice in 2017.

New England was able to keep them in the game because the Patriots defense was able to limit the Texans to their fewest rushing yards in three games –

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