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The above states have specific requirements concerning what constitutes a grooming license. Some of the requirements are spelled out in state law; others, whether they apply to public and private land, are covered in state law (some states may not require a license to groom horses or poultry).

Do you need grooming license?

Before you can go out and get a dog groomed that looks like their family pet, or when you are buying a grooming license that you do not want to use, you would need to obtain a registration certificate. These can be purchased from your local Department of Agriculture.

Most states issue a state-approved dog grooming license as a form of identification that you have a legitimate reason to keep for your own good.

Registration Certificates are for use on animals of any type. You might use them if you have a dog that may be sick. They are also important for public safety purposes. For example, having a registered dog might be useful in apprehending a suspect, or you keep a dog that is potentially dangerous in a shelter. Registration Certificates can be registered or unregistered.

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