Is pet sitting a taxable service? – Online Pet Business Opportunities

There’s little doubt that when you work for someone you take on a certain degree of risk. When a pet sits on your lap, you’re potentially spending an additional $4,000 a year. But you also need to consider the fact that most dog sitting businesses aren’t registered as a “teaching institution” like an academy or zoo—which could raise or lower your potential salary and the amount of time you give the pet sitting job.

Does pet sitting provide income for a business?

If you’re a pet sitting business, your total income (including food and lodging, as well as commissions from service and other business) can go up and down as your business grows. The biggest spike is likely when you have an increase in business income from the number of dogs your business takes in.

The bottom line

The first thing to keep in mind is that pet sitting is a business, and like many businesses, it will continue to change depending on the types of services it offers and the types of customers who want it. The key is to keep your focus on your customers, and how they benefit from being close to your pups.

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