Do dog walkers need a license? – Pet Care Business In India

Yes. A professional walker who has been approved by the state Department of Public Safety will need to hold a permit and wear a collar with a tag which states the name and license number of the person who is operating the dog.

What if it rains? Are there permits to be used on dog walkers?

This is not a rain city, therefore no permits are issued for dog walkers. For other weather situations, the state allows a license and a dog tag. Please review your city ordinances first.

Can I charge my dog while I’m on the job?

Yes. The city does not regulate this behavior and has no formal requirements for how dog owners should handle their companion pets. However, if your dog barks at passing cars by your car and begins a course of action that you deem necessary to prevent injury or death, then by law your owner may be charged with “neglect of duty” or “improper handling of animal” (DOT ยง 23-37(b)) and be required to pay a fine.

What happens when I leave my dog with a walker while I am at the store, at the park or outside?

If your dog is under control while you are away, your dog is in the custody of a licensed and bonded walker who will be there to oversee the dog as you return to the property.

My friend’s dog barks at passing cars in public. Do I have to take my dog with me?

No, this issue concerns a person who is using the dog to protect herself, family members or property. This person will need to be licensed and have posted “No Trespassing” signs. If the person is aware or reasonably believes that his/her dog (or possibly other dogs) is being used in such an inappropriate manner, then the dog must not be used to deter an impending act of violence or property damage on someone or property.

My dog barks incessantly, while I’m out and about, while other people are around. Can I get a permit to have my dog on my property?

Yes. Dog walking is a public nuisance, which carries with it a potential for criminal penalties ranging from a fine to jail time. Please review your city ordinance pertaining to public nuisance and dog walking for more detailed instructions.

My dog barks at passing cars while I am going to work. Can I get a permit to have my dog on my property?


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