Is it illegal to have an unrestrained dog in a car? – Arthur S Pet Business Vhslearning

No, it is not, but if you see one in your neighborhood, it might look like something is missing. That is because police have come out with a new “dog” code which allows police to seize dogs for any reason at any time, without any warning by a judge.

This, as you might guess, has upset the dogs. They have decided the new code is unfair and dangerous and are demanding that police treat them well and make them feel safe, and that they will be allowed to work together as a team to find a lost pet, so they can then return it to the owner.

As soon as I checked to see if any other states had adopted this new dog code as law, it was not found, but it is still on the books of the United States Department of Justice. So now every police department on the east coast who is under the control of the federal government can order their dogs to be brought out of hiding at any time when a child is hurt or a fire is burning, and they can seize them and keep them until they find their owner.

It is not really just the government itself that is at issue here, but the very thing that we expect the police to do well- a service to a population that is protected by the state.

So, what exactly is the problem here? One might think that this would be a problem in small town America where there are very few pets, but of course, in cities like Washington, D.C., pets seem to be everywhere. This is especially true with children and the elderly, because those are the ones most likely to be left without help and the ones in homes with less-than-ideal conditions.

So, a dog is now an object of great fear, suspicion and even shame to those living in a community. This is why the city government is trying to change laws to prevent it from happening, and why this is what the ACLU is doing.

Here in Washington, D.C., dog code violators now face fines of up to $10,000 per dog, and it’s not just the government that’s trying to stop these raids, but the owners as well. So it’s not just law enforcement getting involved here, but other citizens as well.

Dog owners in the city will have to sign a “Declaration of Property Rights and Obligations” stating that they understand this is not a police state in which no one has the right to do anything, and so they

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