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Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz is one of many large companies with the cash to finance the production of a car for the same price as a comparable standard-issue car, but many luxury products sold in Britain are less expensive and the cost of the manufacture may be a factor in the market price. The Daimler brand boasts a large range of premium products and the luxury vehicles are sold globally and in all areas of the UK.

The high-quality premium cars are sold on a regular basis, although prices increase at Christmas and are set to increase next year, with Mercedes-Benz making a big announcement about price increases at London and Barcelona motor show on 24-28 October.

Do you think this will affect sales?

Despite a £100 mark up in the premium car market, sales have grown and will continue to so – so far this year, Mercedes-Benz has sold more than 880,000 cars – making it the best-selling car brand in the UK (at least for this period) – with almost half of these sold in London.

Do you think it’s possible to keep the premium brand car market strong, on a year-on-year basis?

We have already seen a rise in the sales of the most expensive models, and will see a further rise in the next two years. Mercedes-Benz was once Britain’s biggest car brand by sales, when F1 was a top-level sport (it was also bought out by Mercedes). But in recent years it’s been losing share to competitors like Jaguar and the BMW Group, and today Mercedes-Benz has only a share of 3% of UK car sales.

The other way in which you could make a difference to the premium car market would be to convince consumers that premium brands are worth buying. Mercedes-Benz is famous for its quality – you can see it in its design and performance – you could say that the quality of the cars you buy will depend more on how good they are.

However, if you think Mercedes-Benz can offer high-value car prices for a fraction of the price of a standard-issue car, perhaps you should look elsewhere. This could be why so many customers are opting for cheaper cars such as the Audi Q7. This model is less expensive at £25,150, but also has less power, is more fuel-efficient and has more range.

A new way of thinking – from the customer’s point of view…

So why is the

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