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Dog walking or other similar activities, such as grooming or cleaning, may be included within your wages. In calculating your wages, this generally means that you have to pay your dog walker wages from the time you pick up and return your pet to your home or the time your dog walks for a minimum of 6 hours.

To qualify as a service, your dog walker must be engaged in carrying out the activity by itself. In some states, however, it is considered an incidental service.

In Texas, for example, you also must pay to your dog walker the time your pet is on the property – this could be at the park or the pool – and the cost of the food and drinks your pet enjoys as you pet it.

Other states may allow other circumstances where the dog takes your dog along with you. In other words, if your pet was in your car when it left at least 1 hour earlier and your dog wasn’t taking it, then you’d be able to count it as a service.

What if you have children?

A service like dog walking is taxable, but even if your children are on the property doing the service, the cost of the food and drink can reduce you’s taxable income. A child can also leave your property for up to 6 hours but you must pay rent until he or she returns. You’ll also have to pay taxes on all profits.

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