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Candy from the treats: They keep out the bad odor (you can see the treats are not “moldy”).

Candy out of the treats: They will stay fresh for about 1 month .

Candy into the treats: They will last at least 1 full year .

Does the Dogget More Fat ?

When I first tried homemade dog snacks, I bought some dog treats and some candy. The treats are so good the dog ate all of the treats! (which is what I thought). Now the treats are too sweet. Since the candy is so high in sugar, the dog ate so much that they got huge lumps in their belly.

The treats: they stayed fresher.

The candy: they made more lumps in their belly.

Is it safe to use dogs treats with dogs?

Dogs have allergies; it’s important to be aware of your dog’s allergies. Some people have said the treats can irritate the skin that your dog can get allergic to. You cannot take treats with your dog all the time.
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Some dogs also have allergies to many other things, like milk.

When I tested some dog treats with mice (they are a very important part of the research for the tests) – my dog took bites of this dry dog treat on his hands (I’m not sure what caused this allergy; it could be the dryness of the treats, but I couldn’t do any further research because I have to make the dog get it from me). He also ate dry dog treats from my hand.

I took some dog treats and put some mice mice treats in each of the bowls, I put that in a jar and put it in the fridge. We’ve been using it since they were 1 month old. The mice were very friendly (when they weren’t eating)and there was never any trouble with the dogs.

Dog foods:

I think the trick with homemade snacks is to create the treats from a quality product that has a good shelf life and not just make up some stuff out of nothing you may have laying around. If they last long enough your dog won’t get them stuck in his stomach. In the long run, your dog will get enough of the food by eating with his regular bowl, otherwise, he won’t get much! You do need at least a 1 week notice to use it, otherwise, they will develop more lumps and you won’t be getting the same

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