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I am a puppy breeder and am looking for some ideas about how to start up. I am trying to figure out if i should start my puppy walkers business myself or look for other people who are better suited to be dog owners. I currently have two male and one female dogs that are under 3 years old. I know they are still puppies but i have never had experience owning a young dog. I would need two people: me, my wife, and the dogs. The dogs are very young so they do not know what they do yet but it could be a problem if they do act out. Also I have a puppy so the puppies would need to be on a leash and not going outside. Is it okay to start as a dog walking business but to start doing business to fund this business on its own as a puppy walking business?

What should I do if my kennel owner refuses to have a pet ?

My dog kept refusing to leave the pen which our dog is too big to fit in. I tried to talk to his owner about our situation and said in an amicable way that he can leave the pen when in his “home.” But he kept saying “My dog isn’t in my home, my dog is already in the pen with my children when he should be at my place.” I said, “Then get him out of there, you’re not welcome here.” The owner said, “Yes, but he will be allowed to come out when he is in the home with his family.” I said, “Your family is also your home and not me as a dog walker and not my dog, so you don’t know what he would do if he was in my home. But that is the same dog that keeps doing whatever you want (even when you don’t want it) and that is why we live like this. Why are you making me stay here at a pet place?” The owner did not understand my question so we agreed that it was ok for me to leave if the owner comes out. Now the owner keeps saying it doesn’t work, so I can do it all over again. Any suggestions would be helpful.”

I have a male pup, and he’s going through some kind of illness. Should I keep him? What should I do?

I have a young pup (he is 6) who I am trying to help with his illness. I already took his vaccinations and I was told it will be fine. He’s not doing very well

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