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How much the WAG can increase its revenue depends on how much it is able to drive traffic into its own service. The idea is to have customers paying not just for the use of a car, but also for an added element to their lives.

“The concept is that you should use some of your energy from your home appliances [to drive up demand for the services] because it doesn’t cost you anything. There is always a cost to the electric companies if you get to where it costs a bit more than your standard standard rate. You only have to pay if you decide to drive your car to work every day. We see the benefits and potential of the use of these things because it puts people into a business of using their vehicles every day,” said Andrew MacMillan, executive vice president of WAG’s vehicle fleet.

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The company, based in Stoney Creek, Que. can drive 200,000 miles a year from just one point on its site in Surrey, B.C. At one time, the cars made the trip in just about an hour and a half, and that was before the WAG got bigger and faster. “It’s not so much how long it takes you to get there, it’s how close you have to drive your cars. They don’t take quite as long to get there and so they’re more efficient,” said Mr. MacMillan.

Another question is whether the WAG would charge drivers more in places where there are fewer taxis or in areas that are more congested.

WAG estimates that by 2025, if all cars are electric, more than a billion tonnes of carbon-dirty emissions from cars in use will be removed from the atmosphere.

The car doesn’t need to go into service until 2021, but Mr. MacMillan said WAG’s strategy is to be in a position to get more cars on the road as soon as possible.

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