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The most common starting rate for a grooming business is $500 an hour (plus tax). These can be more if you are in a location such as Florida where the minimums are higher.

If your goal is to make money, a standard rate ranges from $500-$1,000 an hour, depending on the length of time you work, location, skill level and how far you get.

But if you’re only in it to care for your own dogs, start for about $100 an hour. It’s best to get your dog groomed during the work day – if you aren’t there, your dog might just get itchy in the meantime. Remember – you always need a good cleaning solution and a good shampoo, just so your dog looks happy!

Do dogs need their own kennels?

Yes, we know – but they also can benefit from having a clean, dry area to run and play, too!

You might find having a small kennel available will help dogs, but it can cost more than $100 per hour.

The key is to figure the best value for your dogs and your space, then make sure you are paying a price they’ll be able to afford.

Are there training and insurance costs?

Yes. The cost of having your dog groomed, trained and insured at a reputable grooming studio can really add up if you choose to work in a business that goes over budget.

We’ll share more about training and insurance for pet groomers in later podcasts.

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