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We have the answer

The first time I visited Canada I thought I was going to the Arctic or some faraway place.

I thought that everything that can happen to humans would not be able to happen to dogs in northern Canada.

It sounds silly, that it would be impossible for a dog to live in Canada. It must be impossible!

But how wrong I was.

Here’s what they do. A dog’s life is a very expensive dream, but you’re not talking about just about the $50,000 a year that you’d need to spend.

Imagine, your life as a dog is just like yours. You live on a farm, you work 12 hours a day, you eat only dog, and you have a lot of fun with your friends, or you can do whatever you like.

Here’s not one, the last time I saw a dog on the street I actually saw a person playing with a toy.

I also found out that a dog’s favourite food is dog treats. You can make your dog a bowl of dog food, a bowl of dog snacks, you can make some dog toys, I think your dog could really love that.

When I did a research in Quebec, a dog owner said that they have to change their lifestyle. They used to take their dogs to the park, which is one of the last parks in Quebec that dogs stay at. They went there for exercise and to give their dogs something to chew on. Nowadays, they take their dogs down to the local market where you can buy dog treats for them.

That’s why many dog owners don’t like eating at restaurants anymore. I guess that’s where they go to get dog treats.

What about the weather?

If you like, you can stay in the house, as soon as the weather is not too cold enough but not too hot, then of course you can use the outside patio.

I was thinking about you, a dog living in Canada. How are you making a living? How is your life? I mean, you are in Ontario.

When I was in Newfoundland, I had my own patio and I lived in a house. I also ate at restaurants.

But now I think the weather is not too bad. There are no bad people in Canada. There are no bad people in Ontario. In Newfoundland, on the other hand, the weather is really bad because it is cold and rainy season

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