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Pet sitters often do not get paid for pet sitting. A pet sitter will have time to explore your home while a client is away. If your pet requires additional supervision, then a vet assistant may need to be employed and a pet sitter will have a role in getting your pet to their vet appointments and at other veterinarian related interactions.

How does a pet sitter make money?

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Pet sitters earn money on most visits. It is up to the sitter to set their own hours for their pet and will typically work part-time hours, although some sitters also work nights or weekends and can earn extra money.

How do I find a pet sitter?

Many pet sitters live in or have pet friendly properties. If you do not know an individual who lives or has a pet friendly property, then it is best to see if they have listings on a local pet sitter site such as and/or Adoptable Pet or see if they are on-line. The sitter should also have a contact person listed in their phone book and a listing on the local Petfinder web site.

Do I need to book a pet sitter in advance?

No. If you do not book a pet sitter in advance, then you may visit their property with your pet before you are able to get an appointment.

If a sitter’s listing doesn’t have an available appointment, they are more than likely to not set up an appointment until you are able to arrive, whether they have an appointment or not.

Many people are interested in renting a pet sitter because it will provide a relaxing and fun environment for your pet – and it provides a more reliable source of income.

How to Choose a Pet Sitter

There is no right answer. There are some types of pets that sit more comfortably on your lap but others are more comfortable sitting with you. It may be better to check if they have an appointment so you can make an informed decision about whether you want them or not. If they don’t have any appointments listed in their phone book, then there may be a number of other individuals around to help the pet sitter find an appointment. If one of the other sitters has an appointment with the client, then check to see if that sitter will be helping out with other aspects of the visit or if they are taking care of other clients in the household. You may choose to go with the one

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