Do you need a permit to sell dogs? – Dog Grooming Business For Sale Melbourne

While some state and city officials have banned the sale of dogs in some form, other cities and counties have made exceptions for legitimate veterinary facilities. In other jurisdictions in Texas, dogs remain a legal pet.

There are currently a number of ordinances and laws in place regarding the handling of dogs and dogs in the city, and the sale of animals. For information on these ordinances see our ordinances pages. If a seller is found breaking any of these dog laws, there may be fines and/or criminal penalties. To learn more please visit our dog laws page.

If you are purchasing or selling your dog in TX you are required to keep both the dog and you records. We are not responsible for the actions of anyone other than yourself. We also do not accept returns or exchanges for dogs from strangers.

Can I use my dog to hunt?

In Texas it is illegal to hunt a dog and it is illegal to hunt for a dog.

Can I train my dog?

You are not allowed to teach your dog or allow your dog to be trained. However, if you choose to train your dog and the dog shows good manners and obedience, you will be given a certificate of registration, which is required before you can bring your dog hunting with you on a hunting license and tag.

For more information please see our Training and Training for Dogs page.

Is it illegal to use a food or bait to lure my dog to the trap?

There is nothing illegal about using a food or bait to lure your dog to the trap.

Can dogs be trained to run and jump?

Unfortunately, we do not offer training for dogs that run.

Can they help keep me safe or protect us?

Yes, they can help keep your dog safe and keep him/her/it from getting run over. They can also help protect you by following directions and taking your dog home when told not to. They can be a lifesaver for people that are allergic, very young, pregnant, elderly or severely disabled. Please see the following organizations and sites for more information on Dog Lovers Protection;

Do you have a shelter to provide a forever home for unwanted dogs?

We do not have an official shelter in TX. In the Houston area we have a few foster groups but none are able to hold dogs for indefinitely. In the rest of Texas, there are no shelters that have dogs to save forever. Please see this list of pet shelter agencies in

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