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If you are thinking of starting your own dog business, there are a couple of things to bear in mind before you start:

First, you need to consider the costs involved in starting your own business, such as the time and energy required to complete the initial marketing and advertising campaigns, training the dogs, making payments to the owners, etc.

Second, there are a number of ways in which you can start your own business, some of which you’re probably already planning. For example, you could purchase a commercial space and setup your own training facility as outlined in our guide ‘What are the best ways to start your own business?’ In fact, there are numerous commercial companies looking to help you start your own training equipment and training services in Scotland.

What is the difference between having a business licence and starting your own training centre?
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There are a few main differences between having a commercial dog training business licence and starting your own dog training business.

An animal welfare license is granted if your business is run with the aim of improving animal welfare and not for profit, whilst being run for profit is not approved. It is worth noting that there are certain circumstances for which a commercial dog training business licence may be granted. For example, you could have a breeding business and you will require a veterinary licence to do in-depth research on the health and wellbeing of those you choose to breed from to be suitable for sale.

If you wish to set up a business of any kind, we recommend starting with a commercial dog training licence rather than applying for an animal welfare licence for your business.

How do I apply for a commercial dog training licensing?

If you have already established a commercial dog training business, the next step is to apply to acquire a commercial dog training licences. You might have read about the different steps involved on our page ‘What are the steps involved in developing a commercial dog training business licence?’

You can apply online and at one of the following local authorities:







In addition to these authorities, there are many individual councils that administer licences and are able to help with application and enquiries for businesses that are registered for business. Contact your nearest local council for details of how to apply for licences or contact any one of them directly on 0345 800 2222 or check the website of your local council at the following link: www

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