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We have an example of a person using professional dogs to help her achieve her goals in the form of Ms. A. and her husband John (a doctor). There was never any mention of dog walking service in these stories.

In the story about Ms. T. her dogs are in the kitchen helping to prepare the food. She does not appear as a member of the household, in a restaurant or on television as is typical of most dog walkers. She also does not take the dog into the bedroom through the bedroom window at night or as shown in this example. She does not even have contact information of the dogs in her home.

The question in regards to professional dog walking services is whether or not she is self employed. When looking at the above stories of professional dog walkers, it also comes to light that many of these people are not in the traditional sense of being “paid”. Often, they are still in the private life of the household, just like Ms. T. and Mr. T.

Ms A was employed to help Mr. T. in making breakfast. In this story the household is the household. The only household member that appears as Ms. A is Mr. T. The question remains, is she “self employed” or is she working as Mrs. T? We may be able to determine the answer to this question by looking at some of the other stories, not just the one where they use professional dogs.

As we have seen, she goes through the food preparation area in a professional manner and she does use the bathroom while in the kitchen. Ms A does not look as though she is working for somebody but more like “doing her job for money”. The other dogs seem to follow these habits too, they are not afraid to use their space and make themselves at home.

If Ms. A is in the kitchen, the dog walkers have no reason to visit the bedroom and would have no reason to bring other dogs outside of the household and use the bedroom entrance. This gives another advantage over the owners of these dogs. If one or another of the dogs is sick in the house, can the owner come into the bedroom? It would seem obvious that the owner also works as a cook in the household but, if we are trying to determine if Ms. A is “self employed” we need to look at other ways the dogs may help the household.

This is one possible scenario. If Ms A is working outside of the household at any time

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