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They can be pretty sad, though. That’s why having an emotional support dog can make it a lot easier to get through those tough days…

“Dog Sadness Is Not a Bad Thing”

You might say, “Yeah, but isn’t it sad if you give up a loved one for just a day or two?”

Nope. Dogs don’t get sad when you give up love or leave for just a day or two. They cry. They cry for a lot longer.

Dogs’ natural grief response isn’t to get angry or clingy when you give up…it’s to cry and take shelter.

When we don’t protect and care for them they find a way to get back at us…

They’ll chase us down, snarl, and bite and then fight us as if to prove that we’re wrong. (Remember how the little girl in the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” got mad when she was told there wasn’t enough chocolate in the store?)

Their natural, protective nature is not a negative force, and it certainly isn’t an attack on us as if we’re a bad person to care for an animal.

When we do care for them, we try to comfort them when they’re sad.

We let them know we’re happy for them.

We say things like, “It sucks to be leaving her. I love her to death.”

We remind them that we love them too.

And we try to make them feel at ease, and that they’re not alone in this.

Some dogs and cats get upset when we start to put them down, or move them from their home away from other dogs…so we talk to them and let them know things like,

“That’s okay. We love you too. You’ll be okay”

They can’t express who they are with that kind of human touch.

But we’re talking to them. We’re reassuring them that they’re okay.

And we’re not yelling, “What a dumbass, you’re never going to get a job doing that anyway!” or “That’s just something to be afraid of. People will laugh at you. You’re not the one who’s going to get beat up and killed on television.”

The thing is, when we let them cry it doesn’t make them sad. It makes them sad for a different reason than we had in mind

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