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Many dog walkers pay into a local government fund called the “City and County Improvement District” (CCID). This fund was originally established in 1965 to help pay for the upkeep of public parkland, trails and gardens – but now includes everything else as well. The CCID funds provide funding to public agencies such as local police, libraries, parks and recreation departments, and fire departments to keep sidewalks and parks clean, to maintain infrastructure such as power and water, to purchase emergency services, and for other services as designated by the public.

There are many types of activities that may fall under the umbrella of the municipal government, including:

Local government projects like parks, playgrounds and recreation spaces: the $50 million worth of dog-walking and obedience parks are covered by the CCID.

The municipal government operates many of its own schools: the CCID funds provide funding to public schools so that they can get the equipment to keep their schools current.

The municipal government runs many hospitals and other healthcare facilities – these funds reimburse that funding to make sure the hospital stays up to date and provides the kind of care that will keep citizens well.

Local governments often run a whole host of smaller businesses around the city: many cities offer tax exemptions and other incentives to business owners in exchange for using public property.
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Some municipal governments include in their budgets a small amount of local, county and state taxes. These include state and local sales taxes on certain goods or services, business license fees, business development taxes, and property taxes.

Some municipalities allow local governments to sell land they own to a private owner for redevelopment or improvements. This property tax, as well as other local taxes and fees, are paid into the municipal fund using general fund dollars.

What if I am not able to pay the CCID?

CCID funds are administered by public agencies based on a grant-waiver model. Grant-waiver programs allow municipalities to use general fund funds to finance certain projects in certain local areas – if you want to improve a public park, but not pay the CCID fees, the grant-waiver program may do that for you! You can find more information on CCID by clicking here.

What services do dog walkers get?

Petowners should be careful about where they pet walk, though; some parks and recreation sites (like dog parks) have certain rules which make walking a dog there more challenging and riskier than walking across the street during daylight

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