Do dog treats have to be FDA approved? – Pet Sitting Company Name Ideas

We are not FDA approved, so no treats can be labeled as ‘dogs and cats can’t bite us’, but this is what pet parents want. If your child is a young one he or she is more apt to bite it’s own paw than to bite a toy, and that is what we want.

What about dogs?

The fact is: dogs can bite and will bite! When children are left home alone they may bite. When they go inside they can kick, scratch or bite any object in that room. Dogs are the same. While the chances of your dog running around the house with a toy stick on his nose while playing fetch is 1 in 8million you have the same chance of losing your baby to your dog! So how many have to die to stop toy-bite deaths? It’s more like 1 in 2,000,000. That is a lot of people.

What’s next for the Dog & Cat Food Campaign – and the new website?!

We are currently building the new website to make the dog and cat food campaign easy for families to take part in and to promote their pet food. The new site will include a new section called ‘Dog & Cat Food Campaign’, which will feature all of the latest information for dog and cat food. We will also begin to provide contact details for a wide range of pet food brands and retailers, so you can reach out and get a better deal. We are working on a new toy box for the kids to play with!

The site’s design will be complete by the end of May. We will be adding a lot more features, including ‘Tick Tock’, ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and our new ‘dog & cat food’ section. We are still in the design phase but need a little more time to finish the design. If that doesn’t happen we will announce an update as soon as possible!

To say thank you to the people who helped us in the past and helped us in the future is quite an award! Here’s a list of the wonderful charities we have supported or will support over the years:

The Pet Food Institute

The British Heart Foundation

Red Cross

Humane Society of Summit County
Gibraltar House

Helen Keller, Children’s Hospice of the East

The Pet Food Institute has been part of the UK food industry for over 100 years and gives a range of products including biscuits, milk products and cat food. The charity has worked in the UK food industry on

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