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There are many more ways to make money with dog food than making money making food. What you do with dog food is entirely up to you!

In the end, most dog food companies can’t do anything useful with their product. If you like, you can make money by helping to improve the product’s quality and make it more appealing to dogs, but dogs have to eat them or they won’t eat them!

What is included in a good dog food?

This is a question you may get asked a lot. What is in the best dog food, period? What is in the worst, period? It’s a hard question to answer, because most of the things you think should be in good dog food (food, ingredients) aren’t in good dog food. Of course, most other things you expect to see in good dog food (color, cut, quality or ingredients), don’t really work out that way.

For example, most commercial “flavor-enhanced” dog food mixes contain ingredients like:

Detergent and color additives


High protein/low carbohydrate/low fat (often) blends

Bacteria and other potentially harmful bacteria

Corn and GMO ingredients

Fats and added sugars

And it’s not uncommon for commercial mixes to contain:

Potassium and Vitamin K2

Aromatic preservatives (usually preservatives based on chemicals called phthalates)

Carbohydrate from corn/cane or potato starch

Tobacco or nicotine

Pesticides, herbicides and insecticides

Fish-oil oils or supplements

Hemp or other oil derivative

Corn syrup

Other additives and flavors

Why do you think a dog and cat aren’t better off eating commercial foods when they could be, say, enjoying one of thousands of commercial “good” foods on the market? For one thing, it can be very expensive to add an ingredient to a dog or cat food. The food companies may charge a lot more for an ingredient, but if you only make 50 or 100 servings of a product, it will usually be cheaper to add the additional ingredients than to buy a good dog food. And, because of the increased costs, they will more likely want to add additional ingredients to the mix.

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So what are you left with? The best dog food is a mix of those good and bad foods. The problem is that a dog or

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