What is live sketching? – Graphite Pencil Definition

Live sketching, as described above, is performing a performance while live. When performers improvise for the audience, the comedian is free to improvise the entire performance without fear of performing the same material twice, or playing the same part twice, and so on. In addition, the performer can then alter and turn over material from the performance to keep the audience entertained by not just reciting the same lines of the original monologue. You may see live sketch and spoken word performances as being the equivalent of live radio or television programs.

Live sketch may also be called improvisation. This is also a type of performance that is performed in real time and without the benefit of rehearsing or having a script. As such, live performance should not be confused with improvisation performed by two or more people in a room. The live performers use their brains and their performances without a script should be performed without a script by a single individual. This performance is described as improvisation.

Live performance also includes doing a piece of music. As well, performance in a live setting includes a number of activities, such as speaking, writing and performing. Sometimes a performer does live on-stage. On other occasions, an audience member may participate in a live performance. Often, the performer plays an instrument, and some members of the audience play on the instrument while the performer talks. Sometimes, a performance takes place in a nightclub or other entertainment venue where other performers participate as part of the entertainment.

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