Which pencils are used for sketching? – Pencil Drawing Face Girl

We use watercolour pencil but you can use a standard pencil for sketches as well.

How long does it usually take for a drawing to be delivered? It can vary slightly. We usually need at least 3 days for a full commission but this depends on the complexity of the drawing, the amount of work and the size of the commission.

Can I receive a commission for just a sketch? Yes, you can. We ask that you only pay for your full commission.

Does you accept payment by PayPal or through other payment methods? You can pay with PayPal for a minimum commission fee of $300 plus $10 per extra character or $75 for 5 characters plus $10 per extra character.

What payment methods do you accept? We accept PayPal and PayPal Pro.

Do you accept Paypal payments by default? Yes, our default payment option is PayPal Pro.

Use Those Colored Pencils To Sketch Your Imagination ...
Can you accept online payments? Yes, we will accept PayPal payments if you specify your payment method in the checkout process.

What payment methods are available?

How do you know what characters/designs I can sketch from? We check the sketches for accuracy and completeness before accepting each commission. But don’t worry, your characters will be perfectly suited whether you sketch from your own sketchbook or using our online service. So if you think your sketch can be better than others, or you would like some ideas that aren’t in our collection (that’d be awesome!), our team will be more than happy to accept those.

Are you available to provide consultation? Yes. Please visit our consultation section and browse through our gallery of current clients.

Can I see the client’s drawings? Yes! Our gallery is always up to date with sketches provided by our clients. We also offer consultation sessions to our clients to give feedback on their work.

Will you make the drawings available for anyone else to download? Yes! You can download the sketches from our gallery. However, if you have any concerns you can contact us directly at chat@kickingitforward.org.uk and we will send you access to all of our sketching services.

Can I use your services if I have trouble paying my commission? Yes, we welcome inquiries from artists and have a free quote system where you can find out what the lowest costs are for a commission. You may also have to pay extra for shipping.

What if the sketch is not what I imagined? We offer a generous refund guarantee on all commission cancell

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