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What are the basics of basic drawing? Drawing a basic map or figure in relation to anything. Drawing a shape of a plane on a blank paper or an X-axis grid is good illustration. Drawing a figure or a structure on a board or even a 3D piece is usually done with some basic drawing tools and a few drawings.

Let’s start by drawing a plane on 2D canvas or surface: a sphere or a plane. How did we do it? How could a plane be drawn or a sphere or a box?

First, it is a matter of getting some basic shapes of the plane to do some basic drawing. What shapes? A box or a sphere? A cone? A circle? A line? A circle and a line? It is not complicated. Just get a lot of shapes, some of them quite simple but a lot of shapes, some of them more complex but not too too. But how do we get to it?

I don’t want to explain in much detail how to do it, and I know it is hard to find a good reference on this. But this will suffice for now. All we need to know: we need some basic shapes. We can use the tools (pen, canvas etc.) as a basis for some basic shapes. How to draw shapes? Simple:

1) Set canvas size and orientation (left in the example):

2) Draw a few shapes as basic shapes:

3) Draw another basic shape:

4) Draw the shape to draw the basic shape.

You can always create more, but for now just have a few that are simple. The idea is that in order to understand what a point is we have to get shape. Now, some points are straight lines, other are curved lines. But that is a matter of perspective and perspective is not our problem or even for this tutorial. What is the problem is that if we do not understand it, we should not draw straight lines like we are doing.

Basic Point shapes on 2D drawing paper. How we use points on 2D drawing paper. Drawing the basic point shape.

3) Then we create simple shapes with pen and canvas, like in this example:

4) Then we add points to make shape of some shape:
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So, we have a circle (a basic shape) and a line (a basic shape). We have to explain why lines matter in drawing simple shapes. They are important for creating simple

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