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1. Shapes, shapes and color. To use the term in the visual sense, the drawing is a 3D drawing. And to define the term (at least it should not be a mistake), the color is the 3D map (or a representation of the map on a 2D plane) as it is a 3D color.

2. The surface of the drawings object. The surface is also a 3D drawing, and it represents the shapes by representing them on a 2D surface. But to define the term in the visual sense, the surface is a 3D rendering of the surface.

I’ve always seen this term in visual art, and this is what I used to draw in my day job (i.e., in art school). I still don’t recognize these drawings as drawing. I’m sure that I had never heard of this term for what they are in any context but art school.

The Drawings

The Drawings:

So I don’t need to describe it (or at least not right away) here. Here is the video that explains the concept of what a drawing is in art, and why we want to make 3D drawings (but not the 3D modeling approach).

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About a week ago, I wrote about a paper by David Kestenbaum and colleagues that claimed to describe an artificial intelligence system that had “exemplified” natural selection in a number of ways. The system was described as being capable of performing basic tasks but with surprising speed and accuracy. It was able to do things like play “a video game that has been modified to simulate a chess game” and “exhibit the behavior of a female animal.” I decided then and there to find out how good it was. The computer was called Satoru, and it was the basis for the game Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, which inspired a TV drama series featuring the character, Kami-Chan. (I’ll be posting more about Satoru and the science of artificial intelligence (AI) as the blog grows.)

So, how did it do when it came to executing this strange and complex game?

We’ll tell the story in the following ways:

1) By the simplest means: First of all, Satoru was not able to use the most elementary (but very powerful) part of its “artificial intelligence” — its reasoning. The game is a fairly

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