What makes a drawing a drawing? – Pencil Drawing Kit

Well, a drawing comes from your brain. In a nutshell, it’s your brain doing what it thinks is appropriate. This is different from what a human thinks is appropriate, but is similar in concept. When people think someone is drawing something on the spot, it is just a drawing of what they are thinking.
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One point, if you can get it across, is that it’s not always just a drawing. For example, how often do we remember the name of a song we liked when we were younger? We think about it for hours upon hours, perhaps a dozen or even more. Maybe it’s the right tune and it makes sense to go along with what we were used to, but when we are 12 years older, it’s so far back inside our heads that it simply won’t register anymore, as we are too far gone to recall all that we used to know…and yet the memory was so important to us, it was the most important thing to remember. And how often do we remember the name of our school? Again, we think of it for hours upon hours, perhaps a dozen or even more. And so it seems that memories are like this, whether the memories are short or long, and what makes those memories more important still, is that memories are the things we tend to forget about during the course of our lives.

When you want to learn a new skill, like playing some sort of game, you are going to make lots of mistakes early on as you try to figure the game out. Your brain may not even recall which skill you mastered initially. But, by the time you play the game to its conclusion, the experience has given you a great idea and so you have a better understanding of it. By the time you master something, you might have gone much further along. Perhaps an understanding of the game has given you a more specific idea of what you need to do. In a similar (and perhaps even identical) fashion, memory can be a good teacher. By recalling things when you are older, you can better understand that information, and so the best teacher is your own memory.

Learning is like doing. How is it possible that even though it’s almost impossible to teach someone a skill that is entirely their own, that something as complicated as learning something new, has an intrinsic quality in itself? What you learn can tell you something about life, the future and future possibilities. Why can’t learning be used as a guide to make better choices and actions instead of being just

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