Is a mechanical pencil a #2 pencil? – Cute And Easy Pencil Drawings Of Unicorns

In this day and age, this is an important question to ask. If you look at many old school pencils you’ll see that they’re in that #2 position. But what does #2 stand for? It’s in the top of the pencil. So in the pencil, you’re in second place there, the pencil. And when you’re drawing, you’re in third place there. That’s just some of the old school thinking.

So, yeah I think a mechanical pencil is useful, but not necessarily very useful.

MARTIN: Yeah. And I also thought maybe – you know, I didn’t notice it as much in those old pencil books as I did in, I guess, the pencil boxes that I’m sure you were using.


BURR: Yes. Well, yeah.

MARTIN: Let’s see if I can find – if you want to put a link to that, there is a website called pencils on the Internet. It does what we were talking about.

BURR: I see it’s on the website now, and it’s up there as pencils on the Internet.


MARTIN: So I did see a lot of these old pencils – I thought a lot of them had some kind of mechanical pencil in them. That wasn’t the case.

BURR: No, it’s interesting. The first time that we did this, we were sitting around the house and I was trying to think of the most useful part of someone’s life, because he was very young back in the early 1940s. And he was still very young at the time and did not know what a calculator was or what an electronic program was.

So I went downstairs and I put him in a pencil box and then I handed him a notebook and just told him, this is a pencil that you use all the time. And he was very interested and he just started drawing with this pencil at a very slow rate. And so – no, I’m sorry. It was just a little bit of, you know, just a curiosity to see what happens when you take somebody to a pencil box and let them just sit down and go to pencil. And so he was drawing the pencil more slowly, but he was drawing at a very slow rate.
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MARTIN: Wow. I love that. That would’ve been very interesting to do. You want

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