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2b pencil means that a 2b pencil (shown right) is made for a specific application. This will depend on what type of application you want. 2b pencils are made for use in various types (such as for making pencil-edge markings of paper, for drafting applications, for lettering on wood or paper, etc.), and they are also often used for artistic objects (pencils, markers, pencil-sketches, etc). Most of the 2b pencils we have on hand can be used for a variety of applications, and they can generally be found in the right sizes for nearly every application. Many people also find that these 2b pencils are useful for various artistic purposes.

What is a 12b pencil?

A 12b pencil (shown right) is specifically designed for use in drawing. Many people use the 12b pencil to sketch an object and draw lines and marks or circles around the objects as they are drawn. These pencils are usually large enough to handle 1 or 2 layers of paper. You can get a 12b pencil in various grades (2b, 4b, 8b, 12b etc), and most of our ones can draw on just about any sheet of paper you can imagine, in pretty much any style.

What are the differences between 2b and 4b?

2b and 4b pencils have essentially the same pencil shape and size. Their most significant differences between these two types of pencils is their weight, and the color of the pencil they use. They are made of hard wood, and their handles generally are silver with a brass/gold finish. Some 2b and 4b pencils require an additional cap, as we call them “nibs.” These nibs are made of metal – the same metals used for the nib of a fountain pen. They do not have an integral cap, and are made of soft plastic.

What is the difference between 12b and 8b?

The 12b pencil (shown right) is not normally used for drawing, but rather, it is used for making a small piece of leather (or even a piece of string).

What is a 10b pencil?

In the United States, this 8b, 3.5mm pencil has a smooth, sharp plastic tip, and is used by kids and youth. It has a larger opening between the tips than the 2b pencil, and its handle is more rounded (that is thicker).

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