How do you draw an eye pencil? – 3D Pencil Drawings Step By Step

With a pencil? Can you draw a pencil? Or a cat? You’re not alone. The “eye pencil” is so popular that its creator has a new site, called One user was interested in learning how one person can draw their eyeball and make it look like a pencil sharpener. The user didn’t know exactly how to draw an eyeball (it’s not as simple as trying to remove a pencil’s tip). She just knew what the eye looked like, though. So she called in the experts, and they drew her an eye chart:

What? You don’t think that’s even possible, do you? So that made her think. If you wanted that kind of accuracy, you’d need to draw an actual pencil sharpener! It’s a common misconception that the pencil isn’t sharp enough. But look at this:

In any other situation, this would not have been enough of an edge on the pencil to have drawn the pencil sharpener. In this case, however, the sharpener looked like the shape of an eyedropper:

That’s an eyelid, baby! The pencil sharpener’s eyelid would have been right on the tip. She could see this just as easily as the eye chart, even though she wasn’t drawing it.

So which is easier to draw, the pencil or the eye pencil? That’s the question. There are lots of things a person can do to see what they’re looking at — looking at a computer screen, for instance. But it’s only the eyeball, and only the pen, that can draw the eyeball. A pencil is the simplest way to draw an eyeball — it has a single point, and an edge. A pencil sharpener has a bunch of parts that don’t have such a single point. And there are plenty more to learn.

I hope you like the visualizations. Here are a lot of eye pencils — the ones with eyelids and pencils. You can find more at the Eyepencil site.

This graph shows how quickly you can move between different types of objects. How quick do you need to move between the pencils, or the eyeglasses, and the table? The sharpener is quickest, followed by the eye chart and the eyes. But the pencil sharpener is the fastest, followed by the eyeball.

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