How do you draw an eye pencil? – Drawing Of A Wolf Howling Pencil

This is my favorite drawing medium. (No, really. I am a fanboy.) The reason there’s such beauty in it is because it gives you the flexibility to draw whatever you want. I always like drawing on a regular grid. With these, there are lots of blank spaces that give you the freedom to go with a specific style instead of drawing on a regular grid.

And the way you draw with these, you don’t really have to know how to do the same thing twice. What’s the secret?

Inks are the secret.

I want to ask about how you draw in general, and inks specifically. What are your favorite inks?

I like both acrylics and inks. I don’t see a need to choose only one. I do a lot of work with them. I’m using inks in my drawings, with pencil on paper, in watercolor. I prefer to use acrylics, because they flow more easily than inks, but with those, you can do it in the air.

What’s your favorite brand of inks?

I like my inks from Inkwell. I think they have one of the best names, too. That’s why I’ll do work with just Inkwell.

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You’re a fan of inks that are not watercolor inks, such as pastel and watercolor. Can you talk with us a little more about that decision?

I don’t have any inks that are not watercolor and pastel. I like the way they do things in a watercolor. That’s why I like pastel art. I like pastel because I can draw with it while looking into my sketchbook. It gives you the freedom to look in your sketchbook when you’re drawing. I would not consider watercolor art, because watercolor doesn’t have that freedom of looking and drawing. If I had to change, I think I would choose watercolor again.

For watercolor, I like the way it looks: it’s very detailed. It makes your drawing more expressive, too. It looks like a hand-painted watercolor. It feels natural. I still do some watercolor on my sketchbook. I use my brush or a pen to paint out watercolor sketches and pastels and then finish them up with a pencil.

What’s the best way to achieve that realism?

I like to do it on a regular or even cross-stitch

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