What is the best pencil for drawing? – Pencil Drawing Class For Beginners

There is no right or wrong answer to that question and so there is no one pencil.

The following answers reflect the experiences of the people who have used them and the experiences of others. These are some of my own observations. Others have contributed their own insights, and the opinions of many have been added or revised by me.

My thoughts on the Pencil

It is a simple product – one-piece white graphite and a sharp felt tip. It is also inexpensive and available almost everywhere. The writing paper is thin and elastic and it draws well under water or in a variety of cool, wet environments. At the same time it does not bleed or wrinkle badly – I have been using them with ordinary paper and no visible stains – for years. They are versatile, durable, reliable – and well worth the price paid. (This entry was edited from an earlier version to make it more concise. See note.)

The Pencil I use

I use a standard A4-size pencil, which has a good pencil tip but lacks the sharp point and size that I prefer. In this case, I buy a small graphite rollerball. The pencil is very light and my only complaint is the plastic rollerball tip.

They are excellent at picking up and holding fine lines and moving them swiftly across the page, making fine lines on the edges or the edges of panels more visible, a very common problem with most regular pens. My pens and pencils work well in the same room and have not had any ill effect on my equipment.

A tip

The pencil has a long, thin, curved pencil tip with a small, sharp, well-angled tip that can be used fine to fine. They offer no distraction from writing or penciling. They are good at picking up fine line work with the little tips, especially under water. The pen tips of other brands and with their more traditional shapes may have a slight more pronounced point. I have never had a reason to switch to a pen tip; however, I do not think I would prefer their shape for fine pen work.

The Pencil I dislike

No matter what brand, I think the thin, sharp felt tip of the graphite rollerball feels and acts like a razor. In fact, I would prefer the tip of a good pen to this kind of pen. The felt tip gives a sharp, sharp, point; that’s a sharp tip and I prefer the sharp, sharp, point to a pointed

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