Who raps the fastest in BTS? – How Do You Start A Rap

BTS is making waves with their new single “Not Today” being featured in various magazines and newspapers around the country, as well as in many music videos. It’s no secret that this song is huge among the fans and they’re also doing well in the music charts all over the world.

What song was your favorite one of their songs? (Hint: it has to be “Not Today” – check out the list below)

“Not Today” (from “I Am” music video).

1. “DNA”

“DNA” is a song that’s been getting a lot of love from BTS. It is a very sweet track with lots of melodic parts, and in a way, I think that they have created a dance track with the lyrics of “DNA” and the beat by Suga.

2. “Dope”

“Dope’ is a very dance-y track with a nice melody, and in my opinion (in the past) BTS did a good job with “DNA.” It has an uplifting and passionate feeling.

3. “Love Yourself”

“Love Yourself,” the song that got them started with their first song, is a very upbeat song with lots of great beats and lots of nice lyrics.

4. “I Love You”

“I Love You” is a song that is very sexy. It’s not very emotional, but it feels great in your heart, and is very happy to hear them singing about love.

5. “DNA”

“DNA” is a song that is a bit more upbeat than your other tracks. It is a love song and very nice to listen to. The song also has a beautiful harmony part.

6. “Not Today”

“Not Today” is the second song for the girls, but we love it because it feels very upbeat and different to BTS’ other songs. The song includes very catchy, catchy melodies with lots of nice lyrics as well.

7. “I Need A Man”

“I Need A Man” was my favorite BTS song because it was my favorite song with lyrics. There was a nice harmony part with great lyrics. I think this was a very cool song to hear them sing it after having all that experience of hearing them sing it.

8. “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”

Although it’s the fourth of the

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