Who is the first rapper? – Rock N Learn Dinosaur Rap Youtube Fortnite

If you ask me “who is the first rapper?”, I really can’t say, because I always forget. When I was a kid, even in my music videos – those are probably from 10 or 11 years ago – I used to think that I was the first rapper, but I still used to go out there and sing, you know, “I am the first hip-hop artist”. Then I was like “I am the second hip-hop artist, then…?”

But back in 2007, it wasn’t like I was thinking that I was the first one. I was just like, “I’m doing everything, and I’m not afraid to show myself”.

When I started DJing at the very beginning, I was working with people I knew. My friends and my team, you know, I’m always going around trying to get people to work with me, and I’m just like, “Hey man, don’t be lazy, if you guys still got songs, make some of them, because my goal is to always make new tracks”.

The first rap track I did was like the third one, I did a track called “F*** You”. Now, “F*** You” was on the B-sides of “Bitch, Let’s Get It On”.

But no matter who the first, second, or third one was, that’s when I started using that word “n****r”, because I was going around getting people to work with me, and it started to feel good to me, because I started making records, and I wanted to make different records.

How big was “Fuck” back then?

I guess it was somewhere between 4-5 million downloads, but maybe it was more like 9 million or 10 million, because the first song that I ever did by that name, “Fuck You”, was the biggest one by a huge margin. It got all the way to the big charts on a couple of places. So, yeah. It’s like, “It’s gonna be a hit if it has a huge chorus”.

But back then, back in my neighborhood, it was just a joke, if you ask them “What’s so bad about this song? I bet it is a hit”.

Even now, it’s a hit even if it’s not going to be as big as it was back then. For example, “Lose My Mind”, that is a song that I did for myself.

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