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In a song titled “Chicks in The Game” it’s one of the rappers from the group P.O.D., that includes Ludacris, Nas, and Eazy-E, who have all been on the record. I think the first rapper that jumps out is “Wesley’s Theory.” That’s a group from the 1980s, that’s called P.O.D., who had some hits with a group called “Wesley’s Theory.” The first person that pops in my mind, in this record, is probably “Chicks in The Game” by Wesley’s Theory—one of their songs was called “Crazy as She Was” and that’s about a group of young, white girls; they are talking about this crazy, crazy life that they’ve got and how hard it is to have a normal life and go out and find a real job, because they don’t have a real job. They’re talking about that crazy life, and it’s like, all these girls, they’re dating crazy, they’re not in a relationship with somebody, they’re all not in a relationship, and they’re all single-parent families and how difficult it is. So Wesley’s Theory is an artist that was just starting out, he was just starting at that point in his career, he was one of the first guys to really have all these hits, but he was in P.O.D.

So you have people like “Chicks in The Game” and then you have Wesley’s Theory, whose whole record was called “Chicks in The Game”—was this a conscious decision to put them in different sections of the record? Was it a conscious decision that you were trying to break the genre of “chicks in the game” a little bit?

I don’t know that my intent was to divide records into three, but it’s definitely there. And one of the things I was listening to when I was making “Chicks in the Game” is the same thing that I was listening to when I was making P.O.D. was “Black and Blue.” So that was one of the early albums that was definitely the first single of P.O.D., and that was a good indication that “Chicks in the Game,” as an entity, is still alive and kicking. Because Wesley’s Theory, when it came out, didn’t have the album out to go with it, and also it didn’t have the “Black and Blue” album out to go

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