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This was my first time in this restaurant and it was a good experience. I had two of the meatballs and a burger. I am glad I came. There are only two food servers and one bar waitress here.

Is that a picture I see of the food?

No. Sorry.

Was it worth my time?

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Yes, it was worth my time at all. The service is excellent! I would make a trip here just to try something different and try out all of the dishes. It really is worth coming here and checking out what they have.

Have a great Monday!

My husband and I came here with some friends for dinner. We arrived on time and the wait was minimal. We ordered the mushroom pizza, the mushroom burger and a veggie burger which the servers came by to talk to us about the food. It was a great experience. My husband got a very interesting mushroom pizza and my friends got some pretty tasty and unique burgers and fries. The menu is pretty extensive but we didn’t feel rushed and everything was flavorful and delicious. We also ate some other food but we were really enjoying the food and the service. It was nice that people from the front of the restaurant came over for a word of advice or an observation and not to be rude. That’s part of my experience here at home.

I had already eaten there in one of those reviews. But when we walked in, we noticed a sign that the place was getting packed. We saw all kinds of people waiting in line to get in their food order. Now I don’t have an issue with them being a food truck or opening a location somewhere where they can sell it. But if you are expecting a food truck or a pizza biz shop to get packed with people, you will be disappointed. It was really busy and there was no line to be in. And they have a food truck sign next to the sign that reads “Delicious food truck”. I’d say it is a good business, but not that good I’d still go somewhere else.

The service here is terrible and I had a problem ordering. I called this place out because this wasn’t on our reservation list. The restaurant didn’t take the call until after I got there. I went upstairs and got the order done right away for me. When I’m out of town I would wait until the restaurant closes and get it done. Even then, it would take 3-5 mins. I walked into the

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